Leather and Rug Cleaning

The use of leather for furniture has been in existence for centuries and over time, leather cleaning has made amazing advances in the cleaning process. This material is an incredible investment in beauty, style, and longevity when treated with care. Because leather is so durable it is highly prized and sought after a fabric that can create a look of luxury for your home or office. With professional care and cleaning, you can easily maintain and keep your leather furniture for a lifetime and even gift it to the next generation. The Sunderland Carpet Cleaning Specialist team prides itself on providing customized care and cleaning for leather and rug cleaning. 

Prevent Permanent Damage

Whether you made a big financial investment in your leather furniture or it was a lucky find, you want to protect it from permanent damage. Toss aside the online searches for do-it-yourself treatments that you might regret. Instead call upon our professional leather cleaning services We come to your property to evaluate your prize so that we give you a customized solution that is appropriate for the type of material, color, and texture of your leather. We also conduct tests to determine the moisture level of your leather and provide conditioning that fully restores and prevents damage. You will have the confidence of knowing we have provided this assistance to countless clients with fine leather furniture.

Maximize Durability

Your leather furniture is renowned for its durability and when you treat it with the cleaning and care it requires, you will have it more than a lifetime. Our professional leather cleaning ensures you never have to worry about fading pigments. Colors on many textiles can so easily fade when dirt and dust are left to build up. Over time this deteriorates color and fabric. But our team is well versed in a wide variety of cleaning methods and appropriate products to transform the look of your leather and help with durability.

More Comfort

If you thought your leather furniture was fine before, wait until we clean it with our high-quality products and state of the art equipment. It will not only improve the look of your leather but also change the way the leather feels to provide more comfort. Aged leather has a certain character but when it’s wrinkled in strange places and sagging, it’s just not impressive. Leather, like any skin, responds positively to care and cleaning so that even if it’s not our intensive cleaning, you will see and feel noticeable improvements. Our leather cleaning team is unmatched in experience and skill in the region, and we take great pride in their vast knowledge of various types of leather textures and the care needed to restore them.

Protects Pigments

Your fine leather furniture and rugs are most definitely durable and the color is superb, but keeping it safe from fading should be a priority if you have placed it near the sun. this is typically a slow process and many clients are unaware of the damage until there is a close inspection. Direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your beautifully dyed leather furniture and rugs. This can happen typically within 4 to 6 months, depending on sunlight exposure and strength. Our leather cleaning team provides not only efficient and transformative cleaning but also expert advice on how you can avoid these issues in the future.

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