Looking at the stains on your carpeting every time you enter your home or office, it might be a bit depressing. Even if it doesn’t make you sad consider the cost to your reputation if you have a business or when guests visit your home. Dirty and untreated stained carpet typically smells. Perhaps you can’t but others who enter your office or your carpeted living spaces can. Dirty carpet also triggers allergies and cause of a host of health ailments that can be easily minimized and prevented when you take time to employ a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. As the top-rated service in the region, The Sunderland Carpet Cleaning Specialists understand the time commitment that many clients just do not have to conduct this work themselves. It’s also a tough job to achieve exceptional results.

Our services include:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Leather and Rug Cleaning
  • Slate and Tiber Floor Cleaning

Our services are effective and affordable. As the industries’ leading service provider in the region, we have cleaned the carpet and upholstery of countless clients. They can attest to our commitment to outstanding service provision. We take this one step further by routinely assessing our methods and researching well-proven new methods of cleaning so that we can customize and incorporate them into our existing process. We also keep up to date by maintaining our equipment to the highest efficiency and we only use state of the art cleaning devices. This bolsters our attention to detail so that you see stunning results. We know you have a busy work and life schedule so we make it easy to employ our services. As a decade’s old service, we know that a cookie-cutter method is never productive so you can feel confident that you are receiving services that are appropriate for your needs.

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