Slate and Timber Floor Cleaner

Timber and slate are beautiful materials for flooring long known for durability. Many people like to use it for kitchens, entryways and other communal areas because they are high traffic areas that require strong materials. These two materials are outstanding investments and no doubt as a commercial or residential property owner, you have spent a great deal of money on this flooring and you want to protect it with high-quality professional care and attention to detail. That is exactly the customer service provision that The Sunderland Carpet Cleaning Specialists offers. We are well regarded for our ability to provide property owners with exceptional cleaning. As a generations-old establishment that is also a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau, you can employ us with confidence.

Exceptional Cleaning

Because slate flooring is porous, the installation also requires expertise to ensure that tiles are properly sealed. This also means you want to employ a slate cleaner that uses the right tools for the cleaning job and has exception cleaning skills. Slate can easily be broken or chipped when not handled with proper care and many times the natural tiles are uneven and it requires a skilled team to accomplish deep cleaning. Timber flooring requires the same attention to detail. You may be using over-the-counter cleaning supplies, but ours are customized to meet the demands of the most discerning clients. 


Using our professional slate and timber floor cleaner team guarantees you the best results. You will have the confidence of knowing your flooring is the cleanest that can be achieved. After careful evaluation of trouble areas or tough places to reach, we provide a detailed plan of action. You will soon see a transformation in your flooring. Many of our clients find it to be an exceptional experience after having made do-it-yourself attempt yet not arriving at the same stunning results. This is because we customize our cleaning products and we only use the highest quality ingredients with well-proven results.

High-Quality Products

Over-the-counter supplies may do the job for superficial cleaning, but if you are keen to see transformative results, employ us. Our products are customized and after decades in the cleaning industry and extensive research on cleaning products, we have developed our solution. You will see visible results for your timber and slate flooring. That is why we are the go-to floor cleaning team in the region. There are a lot of expensive products on the market and many of them are often ineffective or achieve temporary results. This can be a tremendous strain on your wallet and leave you with a pile of cleaning products you will never use again.

Protect Lifespan

Your floors consist of one of the most expensive types of materials and you want to maintain so that it lives up to and beyond its lifespan. Routine cleaning by a professional team that pays close attention to every detail and uses high-quality products is a winning strategy. We possess deep expertise in maintaining luxury flooring and you will not find a team with a more pristine reputation than Sunderland Carpet Cleaning Specialist. We take great pride in our ability to provide your slate and timber flooring with cleaning that is an obvious improvement.

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