Upholstery Cleaning

People and pets are often the culprits for upholstery that requires professional care. Whether you need soft furnishings cleaned in your residential property or your place of business, The Sunderland Carpet Cleaning Specialists can revitalize them. Our decades of experience and attention to detail provide clients with the assurance that upon completion, they will see a significant change. Your carpet isn’t the only material in your living and workspace that requires deep cleaning. Cleaning your soft furnishings such as your curtains, drapes, and seating create a better quality of life and can help you avoid ailments like respiratory disorders. 

Cleaning Expertise

Some upholstery can’t simply be removed and tossed in the washing machine and dryer or sent to the dry cleaners. Your curtains, couch, ottoman and other soft furnishings should be cleaned and cared for by professional cleaners who can come to your home. Our team is available with flexible hours that go beyond a normal 5-day week to make cleaning convenient for our clients. Your couch isn’t just a throw pillow that scooped up, hand-washed and hung out to dry on a laundry line. Instead, it requires an upholstery cleaner that has extensive skills for a wide variety of textiles and deep knowledge of care instructions. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to upholstery cleaning and we understand that it often requires a delicate touch using high-quality products.

Improve Appearance

As a client, you will benefit from our service guarantee for a better appearance for your upholstery. This means clients can put faith in our customized approach to cleaning and it demonstrates how confident we are that our methods work. If improving the appearance of your upholstery is important, no better cleaner in the region offers professional services. We transform and refresh furniture and soft furnishings to their original appeal so that clients often feel like they’ve just moved into their property. A refreshed upholstery can increase your quality of life in the home and create an improved environment in the workplace.

Improve Air Quality

It’s very easy for dust and other allergens to get trapped inside of your upholstery. It’s often not an indication of how fastidious you are but of how hard dust and dirt are to fight in fiber. High traffic areas are particularly vulnerable as people enter your property from the street. Pet dander, hair, pollen, dead skin cells, and microscopic particles are collected on to your furniture and soft furnishings to trigger allergies and can even create skin conditions like athletes feet fungus and other skin ailments. Rather than face these issues alone, you have a professional team that is only a phone call away. When you schedule an appointment with us, you can increase your air quality exponentially. You will soon see some of these health conditions dissipate with routine upholstery cleaning.

Fresh Long Lifespan

Purchasing new upholstery can clean out your bank account. But you have saved money and revive your tired, dirty couch and curtains without spending big bucks. Your wallet doesn’t have to get a workout when you call on the expertise of our upholstery cleaning team. They have top-notch solutions that will remove the pollutants that keep your furnishings looking fresher longer. Routine cleaning provides a significant boost to the lifespan of your soft furnishings.

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